Popular Classes

Boot Camp


Join Christina for Boot Camp that combines intervals of cardio drills and muscle conditioning exercises to provide you with the ultimate circuit workout. Each exercise has different modifications for your athletic ability. The class is packed with lots of variety and tons of fun, while being a CALORIE BURNER!




A fantastic cardio workout performed on stationary bikes simulating real life terrain where the instructor leads the class through hills, sprints, and jumps using visualization and motivating music!


Body Pump


A high intensity choregraphed class that combines high repetition exercises with plate loaded bars. This energetic, music driven class uses a variety of strength training exercises. This is a fun yet rigorous workout that will raise your heart rate, work every area of your body and cause serious calorie burn.




Choose your own path! No matter whether you’re beginning a fitness program or looking to fine tune an existing one, we’ll help you reach your fitness goals.

The right place, the right people, the right programs!  Our facility has lots of natural light, and an open airy feel. Everyone from the desk staff, to the instructors, and trainers will help you get started on the right foot, and make a commitment to healthy living. Our wide varieties of programs improve your flexibility, strengthening your core, enhancing your bodily awareness, and finding your health and fitness balance.